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Housing associations invest in sustainability, with tenants paying more rent in exchange for lower energy costs. This means housing corporations meet the objective of being CO2 neutral by 2050 and the tenant’s total housing cost is falling, in other words a win-win situation.

Better insulation reduces unnecessary heat demand and the remaining energy demand is met sustainably. As far as energy demand is concerned, housing corporations often invest in PV or solar panels that are placed at their expense on the roofs of their tenants. It is very important that the housing corporations always know that these solar panels (placed on tens of thousands of homes) are in optimal condition and that the intended profitability is being achieved.

It is therefore fundamental to be able to monitor these installations remotely in a reliable and affordable way without being dependent on the WiFi or the tenant’s presence.

By extension, housing corporations will eventually also have to map the energy performance of homes. In other words, not only the yield of solar panels is important, but also the consumption of electricity by heat pumps, ventilation, etc.

The solutions of Cast4All allow your monitoring needs to evolve in a SIMPLe way in function of the needs now and in the future.


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