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Installation companies not only install solar panels, but also offer maintenance services to guarantee the proper functioning of the installation during its lifetime (20-25 years).

They can use the monitoring application from the inverter manufacturer for this. However, if installation companies are dealing with different inverter manufacturers, it is often difficult to manage the different monitoring applications in a simple manner and to develop an efficient after-service.

With SIMPL you can monitor the most common inverters via one portal and you will be automatically informed as soon as an installation no longer works optimally. This makes it possible to intervene quickly in case of problems and to minimize loss of yield or to better organize preventive maintenance.

Cast4All Connect, the smartphone app developed for installation technicians, allows the functionality of the monitoring application to be tested on site during installation at the customer. This is of particular interest to subcontractors who can prove that they have installed and delivered correctly. This avoids unnecessary service interventions and saves costs.


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