Energy monitoring
and control systems

Residential energy monitoring systems for professional PV owners

Cast4all builds affordable, robust and scalable energy monitoring systems for PV installations on private homes and apartments that are managed by professional parties.

This can be in the context of long-term performance guarantees that are given to the end user, or in controlling and reducing costs using preventive maintenance programs.

Our customers:

  • Housing associations
  • (HVAC) installers
  • Construction companies
  • Renewable energy service providers

We ensure that they can provide their end customers with information or propose actions that are relevant to their business model.

We build scalable end-to-end solutions for the management of infrastructure such as PV parks, data centers and buildings. It doesn't matter if you collect data from thousands of sensors or you monitor the performance of your entire infrastructure. Our solutions allow you to respond very quickly and flexibly to the rapidly changing business environment.

The basis of our solution is the Monitoring & Control Integration Platform (MCIP). This platform ensures the seamless integration of the meters / sensors (gas / water / electricity / humidity / ...), the communication networks (2G / 4G / GPRS / ...) and data management systems.

Our solutions are used in a wide range of sectors such as energy, railways, data centers and facility management.

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