Smart Alarms

Quickly detect problems in your installations

Immediately informed

Your installations are continuously monitored for problems such as zero production and communication loss.

Automatic troubleshooting

Problem solved? We close the created alarms automatically so that you only see the alarms that matter.

Alarms from inverters

SIMPL not only creates alarms based on detected problems, but also reads alarms from inverters.

Behind the scenes

An alarm arises from an event. Once an alarm is created, no new alarm is created for that type of event until the alarm is closed.

  • GPRS Communication Loss: The meter cannot be reached via the GPRS network.
  • Zero Production Detected: The meter has read only measured values with the value 0 over a period of 4 hours. This could indicate a malfunction of the installation.
  • CSPI Deviation: The CSPI (Clear Sky Performance Index) algorithm has detected a low energy yield for this installation compared to similar installations.
  • Power Down: The meter has been without voltage for a while and has rebooted.
  • CspiThresholdLow / CspiThresholdHigh: The CSPI calculation yielded a low / high value.
  • Invalid Configuration: The Inverter is registered with incorrect data. No measured value can be read from the portal.
  • Installation Data Unavailable: The CSPI calculation has yielded an unlikely value. This most likely indicates an incorrect value in one of the CSPI mandatory fields.
  • API Communication Loss: The Inverter data can no longer be retrieved. This Event can be caused by the lack of the inverter in the portal or by the manufacturer's portal being offline.

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