Maximize the yield of solar panels

Connect via GPRS

Our solutions are independent of the home’s WiFi, safe and stable.

Meters and inverters

Depending on your needs, we can monitor both meters and inverters.

Also for invoicing

Do you want to use the measured data for invoicing? This is possible with our calibrated meters.

PV Monitoring

An electricity meter equipped with a Xemex communication module and an application with integrated problem detection: these are the ingredients for an efficient and worry-free monitoring solution. The cloud software of Cast4All analyzes the data and makes it possible to communicate it with external software applications via an API.

Inverter monitoring with Sungate

The Sungate is a handy and stylish communication module – equipped with a SIM card that is easy to install next to an inverter. The device connects via cable to the inverter’s RS485 communication port and reads data directly from the inverter, regardless of brand or type.

Inverter monitoring via API

SIMPL Solar can also communicate with your inverter when an API is available. This solution allows you to integrate your already installed inverters into the SIMPL portal without manual intervention.

Get a free demo

Would you like to be informed about our approach? Take a look at the SIMPL monitoring portal and discuss the needs for your company.