SIMPL Software

Single Independent Monitoring Platform

Unique software

SIMPL is a software meter management platform (head-end system) that reads devices (meters, sensors, …) remotely and can send messages (instructions, updates, firmware, …) to these devices.


SIMPL integrates standard protocols (SNMP, DLMS / COSEM, TCP / IP, …) to monitor your devices (meters, sensors, motors and pumps, …) via one uniform platform regardless of the brand or manufacturer of the devices. This avoids having to manage different monitoring systems side by side.

By extension, connectors can be developed for specific protocols, if necessary to integrate additional devices (eg legacy systems).


Via mobile networks you have an end-to-end virtual private network independent of the local network (eg WiFi) in which the device is installed. This allows you to access and maintain your infrastructure at all times.

SIMPL is a platform that can be installed on both a public and private cloud provider and guarantees full control of the data in accordance with legislation and company regulations.


Data is logged and made available via simple user interfaces, APIs or custom dashboards according to specific needs.

For specific applications such as monitoring renewable energy sources like solar panels, performance algorithms are available to map the yield evolution and plan (prevention) maintenance activities.


SIMPL is built using the Normalized Systems (NS) methodology. This ensures that the platform can be easily and quickly adapted to the evolution of technology on the one hand and the needs of our customers on the other.

The combination of rapid adaptability and low maintenance costs ensure an unprecedentedly low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry.

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