Solar Innovation

Cast4all is a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of solar energy at home and abroad.

We are not just a provider of solar energy solutions; we strive to be a catalyst for innovation, the engine for efficiency and a robust partner in sustainability.

We deliver quality and affordable monitoring solutions.

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Your Frustrations, Our Motivation

We understand the frustrations, anxieties, and uncertainties that come with managing solar installations.

You shouldn’t have to grapple with issues like data retrieval, performance monitoring, and connectivity.

Cast4all is here to change that.

Why your success matters

Your success is our success.

We recognise the financial and operational risks associated with poor performance monitoring, and we’re committed to helping you mitigate them.

Together, we can meet your sustainability goals while staying ahead in a competitive market.

Who are we?

Cast4all is a seasoned leader in the solar energy industry with over a decade of experience.

Our collaborations with the University of Antwerp have propelled us to the forefront of solar innovation.

We’re proud to say that our market share in the Netherlands stands at an impressive 20% to 25%, while in Flanders, it soars to around 40%.

Our Aspirational Identity

We aspire to be more than just another full-service solutions provider.

We aim to be the full-service energy partner you’ve been searching for.

Our focus on flexibility, innovation, know-how, and delivering recurring value to our customers sets us apart.


SIMPL IoT energy platform

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Since 2014, more than 150,000 homes have been connected to the SIMPL data platform that retrieves, processes and analyzes data from inverters.

The Single Independent Monitoring Platform, or SIMPL, reads, analyzes and visualizes data from connected devices. Through a standardized cloud connection, this data can also be linked to other management platforms.

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