Clear Sky Performance Index

A powerful analysis of the yield of your solar panels

Fast degradation detection

The CSPI is a unique, accurate and fast method to detect degradation.

Shadow has no chance

Our algorithm is insensitive to shadow during a period of the day.

Only with existing data

Irradiation data is no requirement for the CSPI to work.

How it works

Discover the power behind the Clear Sky Performance Index

  • During a “Clear Sky” moment, the installation will produce the maximum possible on that day, time, orientation, tilt and with the known watt peak
  • The CSPI algorithm automatically detects Clear Sky moments. Only the measured 15 minutes kWh values are used
  • The CSPI is an index that should be around 1 for all installations. Lower values or a downward trend are indications of a problem
  • The CSPI is a self-learning algorithm: the older the installation, the better the results. It is also ideal for the automatic assessment of many small installations
  • The algorithm will correct incorrectly set orientations

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