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Cast4All Technologies

Scalable and flexible monitoring

We build scalable end-to-end solutions for infrastructure management such as solar panel parks, data centers and buildings. It doesn’t matter if you collect data from thousands of sensors or monitor the performance of your entire infrastructure. Our solutions allow you to respond very quickly and flexibly to the rapidly changing business environment.

The basis of our solution is the Single Independent Monitoring Platform (SIMPL). This platform ensures the seamless integration of the meters / sensors (gas, water, electricity, humidity, …), the communication networks (2G, 4G, GPRS / …) and data management systems.

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Eric Meyers

Managing Director

Maxim Verbruggen

Customer Champion

Sven Jochems

Software Engineer

Peter Van der Stock

Business Development Manager

Jeroen Faes

Operations Manager

Jelle Wouters

Software Engineer

Paul Adriaenssens

Senior Software Architect

Kris Clottemans

R&D Engineer

Kevin Van Tendeloo

Data & Support Engineer