Need to distribute solar power across different homes or apartments? PowerShare is a very reliable and economically interesting solution! "Powershare" is the newest product from the range of energy monitoring solutions that Cast4All and Xemex have developed for the PV market.

Powershare consists of:

  • a MID certified meter installed per home or apartment with integrated on/off unit
  • a GPRS communication module provides an independent, private and secure network for reading the measured values remotely
  • a web-based application (portal or API) that allows you to enter the necessary parameters and business logic to guarantee an ideal and / or contractually agreed distribution. distribution is fully automatic and can be adjusted at any time by the authorized persons by adjusting some parameters
  • continuous performance measurement of the PV installation by the Clear Sky Performance Index (CSPI) and adjustable alarm levels


PowerShare distributes (green) energy that is generated from a collective solar panel field placed on a common site or on top of apartment buildings. This distribution takes place behind the electricity meter of each individual home or apartment, which also allows netting via individual meters and can guarantee the highest possible netting compensation.


  • increase profitability of collective solar panels on apartments and houses
  • remote access to and reading of PV measurements
  • private GPRS network avoids local connectivity problems
  • continuous performance measurement ensures maximum ROI


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