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Cast4All and Xemex offer owners, installers and managers of low-energy homes a neutral, efficient and worry-free monitoring solution.

The solution consists of a Xemex communication module that measures revenue and consumption via Modbus. An application with integrated problem detection and optimization algorithms monitors the proper functioning of solar panels and heat pump. A dashboard provides insight into consumption by residents and managers.

The big advantage is that all parts of this solution come under the control of a neutral party without becoming dependent on the local internet connection.

This proven approach creates significant cost savings. The solution is easily adaptable to specific needs and can be easily linked to CRM solutions via an API. The software works according to the principles of "Normalized Systems", a methodology for better and cheaper software maintenance that also allows to develop stable solutions quickly.

This technology was developed in collaboration with the University of Antwerp. The first applications have been running for 10 years without interruption.



The monitoring system measures the following parameters:

  • PV: yield solar panels behind the inverter (AC)
  • WP-: Consumption of heat pump within unit
  • WP +: Consumption of heat pump outside unit
  • Vent: consumption of ventilation system
  • HH: Household consumption
  • CV: Space heating (Joule) and consumption of hot tap water (liters)
Secure GPRS, 4G or NB-IoT communication

The measured values are retrieved twice a day via the cellular network (2G, 4G or NB-IoT). The data volume per month is kept very low.

Alarm handling

Much attention is paid to a thorough alarm filtering to avoid unnecessary or outdated alarms.

  • "Zero production" of the PV panels
  • A reduction in the efficiency of solar panels or heat pump
  • Communication loss between DIN gate and server.
Rest API

The API (Application Program Interface) makes it possible to link external applications. There is the possibility of reading data and writing data in the database. This can be used to link an existing customer portal or to exchange data with an existing CRM application.

User Interfaces

The solution includes a user interface for the manager of the installations. The REST API can be used to develop your own GUI or portal.


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