Be and stay in control

Independent Energy Monitoring

How do you ensure your energy installations perform optimally? Cast4All collects and aggregates your data independently of home Wi-Fi and notifies you on the installations that demand your attention.

Your installations always up and running

Cast4All ensures stable energy monitoring, today and in the future

Determine service priorities

Which installations demand your attention right now? Get the overview at a glance.

Optimize costs

Combine a low total cost of ownership with an optimization of your service costs.

Flexible and extendible

Our monitoring solution is easy to extend to other types of energy meters.

Our customers

A satisfied customer is our mission.

We ensure that our customers can provide their own customers with information and propose actions that are relevant to their business model.

Our customers:

  • Housing corporations
  • (HVAC) installers and distributors
  • Construction companies
  • Renewable energy service providers

Get a free demo

Would you like to be informed about our approach? Take a look at the SIMPL monitoring portal and discuss the needs for your company.

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